AI Market Research West Brabant


AI (Artificial Intelligence) will have a major impact on our society and economy. Companies must anticipate this, both for their future competitiveness and in terms of the opportunities it offers. In the West Brabant region, we are looking for ways to support companies in this regard. Avans Hogeschool, Breda University of Applied Sciences, REWIN West Brabant and the municipality of Breda have taken the initiative to develop a Roadmap AI West Brabant.  

The basis for this roadmap is the market research AI West Brabant, which was carried out by the engineering firm cboost last year. The first copy was proudly presented on September 22nd to  Boaz Adank  Alderman for economy, work and income, international, region and business operations at the Municipality of Breda.

The next step is to bring together a "Coalition of the Willing" with which we will work together on that AI-Roadmap. Would you like to join us? Would you like to receive a digital version of the report? Click on the report below, leave your details and download a copy.

Do you also want to actively contribute to the AI roadmap in West Brabant? Then join the "Coalition of the willing".